A show. A podcast. (we’re on Apple too.) Also, an excuse to drink fancy cocktails. The Experience is a show that explores what it takes to compete on customer experience and build an online company that can last decades.

With the quiet launch of our first episode, we’re excited to announce our new show all about customer experience. We’ve spent years building and working with online companies and it’s more important than ever to understand how your customer experience impacts your ability to compete and keep customers around.

Obviously, as we have been building Weav, we’re interacting with a lot of different customer experiences and learning more and more every day on why customers stay or leave. We hope viewers of the show can learn some valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Each week, Clayton and I bring on a new company or strategy and breakdown the entire topic as it relates to customer experience. We walk through the background of the company, how they position themselves in the market, their online experience and more. It’s a lot of research done on our part all for your viewing pleasure.

As a bonus, we also pair each episode with a cocktail. If you’re into that sort of thing, stay around after each episode to see how to make the drink of the week.

New shows will be dropping every Thursday. Be sure to follow us at all the usual places so you don’t miss an episode.

We couldn’t be more excited to finally have The Experience show live. It’s been a ton of work getting to this point. We’re committed to staying consistent. If you have any feedback on how we can make the show better please don’t hesitate to reach out.