In case you missed it, last week we launched our new show - The Experience.

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In the latest episode, we featured Shinesty. An online clothing brand for the folks who don't take life too damn seriously.

Their clothing is hilarious. Their underwear is hysterical. Their ski suits (please send us a few 🙏) will definitely turn some heads.

The point of The Experience show is to breakdown a brand or strategy and find the good, bad and ugly of the customer experience. As we walked through Shinesty's experience, there were a few critiques we recommended when it comes to their website. But overall, we left being even bigger fans of the brand.

With that said, what we learned most from breaking down the Shinesty experience were 3 valuable lessons. The tactics are simple, yet extremely effective concepts that any brand can leverage.

1. Brand Consistency at Every Customer Touchpoint.

This point can not be overstated.

Shinesty is the perfect example of executing the same look and voice across their entire customer journey.

And they seem to do it effortlessly.

In today’s world building a brand requires a polished looking brand, website, social profiles on every major network (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) plus every other touchpoint in your customer's journey.

Trying to keep up with everything is a tough task. Between keeping your social profiles up to date, producing fresh content, delivering world-class customer support, the list goes on.

But if you look across the entire Shinesty experience you'll see what we're talking about.

All of their social channels, emails, pop-ups, product copy and all the way down to how their customer support reps talk to you. It's all dialed in.

If there was an award for Brand Consistency, they would win by unanimous decision.

2. Customer Driven. Not process Driven.

Shinesty's hilarious help center.

Big or small organizations, should have processes. But it's important to remember it's not a one size fits all. Giving your team the ability to be intuitive with customers empowers them to treat customers in the heat of the moment.

In our episode, we broke down the example of Clayton ordering a suit that was too big for him. The customer support rep leaned into Shinesty's brand voice and crafted an experience around a simple size exchange into a lasting memory with the brand.

A lot of times, something as simple as a refund or exchange interaction with a company can lead to converting a regular customer to a lifetime customer.

In the case of Clayton, I think he's about to buy his 4th suit from Shinesty and I don't think he plans to ever stop buying from them.

3. Not Everyone Loves Peaches.

The saying goes you can be the biggest, juiciest and most delicious peach but there's always going to be someone that just doesn't like peaches.

Shinesty knows this better than anyone.

At first glance. Shinesty is bold. Outlandish. In your face. To most, it may be too much. To others, it may be exactly what they were looking for.

The point is, because of Shinesty's ability to never back away from who they are — it's ensuring they attract the customers they want.

It's almost (by accident) they've created a customer segment. The customers who pass the "eye test" and stick around to buy their products become loyalists. Fanboys. Groupies. You get the point.

It's ridiculously perfect.

In our opinion, Shinesty is an impulse buy. It's a novelty. By understanding this, they craft their messaging and products to increase the urge for their customers to drink the kool-aid.

Well, we're on the bandwagon and like what Shinesty is pouring.

Cheers to not taking life too seriously and cheetah print underwear.